Wednesday, May 9, 2012

come sunday

There is one member of this household who is always overjoyed simply to be in my presence. When I go outside to hang out the washing, he sits beside me and just adores everything I do. Can't take his great big eyes off me. He never asks me for anything, never yells or sulks or demands to know where his pyjamas/favourite socks/pointless toy is. Never has to be reminded to say please or thankyou. Or to flush the toilet. Or to hang his towel up after his bath. When he's hungry (all the time), he will eat anything you give him and it will be the most remarkably delicious thing he has ever eaten. In his whole life. Some days I just really need that. And I was thinking yesterday, as I hung out the washing and my beautiful boy Sunday sat smiling up at me, I know what every mother should have this Mother's Day. Every mother needs a dog. They just make the bad days better.

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