Wednesday, October 4, 2006

hooray for me

My God, it has been a while, hasn't it? But I have been on holidays, and the bitter irony of this is that I have had exactly no time to do any blogging, reading or otherwise relaxing. In order to do these things, I have had to return to work.
The holiday was lovely, as is the nature of holidays, being all together and not having or wanting to be anywhere else. But it was nice to come home, because home is lovely too.
And tomorrow is my 34th birthday, fancy that. I cannot believe I am thirty-four years of age as of tomorrow. I cannot believe I am not still 19. I cannot believe I was only 23 when I met RJ and my single life was abruptly, spectacularly, wonderfully terminated. I cannot believe there are adults around who were born in the late 1980s. Part of me cannot believe I am not a famous actress, or singer, or fashion designer, because when I was 19 and my mind stopped processing birthdays, all of those things were a definite possibility.
All I do know is that it is my birthday tomorrow, and the mother and wife in me, the one who rarely has time for personal appearances or even hair washing these days, would like that to be celebrated. Hooray for me, she wants to shout. And maybe I will, tomorrow morning while I take a long shower and thank the universe for sending me my beloved family, who will all be at home with me and who mean more to me than anything or anyone ever did when I was 19.