Sunday, July 30, 2006

day one

A glorious day, the third in a line of glorious days, not only because of the brilliant sunshine and cloudless sky but also because RJ had the day off and we could do the family thing.

Decided to wash Sunday (that's how sunny it was) and ended up wet to the knees and covered in white labrador fur, but with a much nicer smelling dog to show for it.

Had a family lunch at RJ's sister's house, enjoyed some sunshine (all of us), trampolining (E and F) and soccer (the dog, Susie) in the backyard plus several cups of tea (a family tradition).

Came home and put F to bed, read the Sunday paper, got the clothes in (all dry!) and sat down to begin my foray into blogging. Almost time for tea, then the bathing/bedtime rituals. Maybe an early night? We shall see.