Saturday, March 15, 2008

with my own two hands

I can't really put my finger on it, but today was a special day. Not only because I spent it at home with my two girls, and not only because the sun was out and the sky was a cloudless blue. I think maybe because I just didn't think about being anywhere else. We played, I cooked pancakes, we painted, sang, danced, read books, and not once did my mind wander past these four walls. It was breathtaking.
Yesterday as I waited for Elsa at school I watched her class playing outside, running but they could have been flying from the looks on their faces, holding their little paper aeroplanes and letting them go, watching them fly then picking them up and doing it all again. It almost made me cry. Today was a bit like that too, just feeling the sheer beauty of everything that I just haven't felt for so long. Not really felt, not the kind of feeling you do when you're just so happy you want to cry.
Been listening to Jack Johnson's soundtrack for the film Curious George, and loving it. Particularly With My Own Two Hands, featuring the divine Ben Harper. The words: Gonna make a brighter place, with my own two hands, gonna help the human race, with my own two hands and the voices, and the sweet guitar, get me every time. I can't think of a more beautiful song, or a more beautiful message, to give our children.

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water said...

My girls complain about my limited music collection, but they'll thank me one day for filling our house and hearts with Jack Johnson's goodness. I love that man!