Thursday, September 6, 2007

the grass is ris'

And so, here it is, springtime. Freezing as all get-out, but springtime nonetheless. Much has transpired since my last post, naturally, since it was sooo last season. Our extension is up, lined, and looking fabulous. We have a roof, walls, and even plaster as of Monday. Our kitchen arrives on September 17th and with any luck I will be toasting my 35th birthday with a glass of bubbly on my beautiful Caesarstone benchtops from my lovely aluminium bar chairs (thankyou
Today I created a Facebook account, prompted by a friend I have not seen in almost a decade who now lives in Italy. I have been reading about him and his beautiful wife and little boy on their blog, and today he made me one of his 'friends' on Facebook. Which led me to create my own account. Isn't it amazing how small and big the world can be, all at the same time.
A big hug for the Perry family, in memory of the beautiful Leila. May she and Ambrose be lying somewhere sunny, on a bed of clover.

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