Tuesday, August 8, 2006

a whole lot

It is as I feared. My life is not interesting enough to maintain a daily weblog. Busy, yes. Hectic, yes. Often fraught with stress. But not terribly interesting in the grand scheme of things. Still, it is my prerogative to continue, even if only to entertain myself.

Two more days of preschool are behind us and two days of work in front of me. Amazing how quickly a week can go by, then two, then before you know it a whole year.

Three and a half years, to be exact, have passed since RJ and I set out to purchase half of our neighbour's backyard, thereby doubling the size of ours and allowing us to stay in our dear sweet corner of sunny wallsend. when the process began we had one child and one cat. We now have two children, one very unfit labrador and one cat (but not the same one). The times are a changin', that's for sure. And as of Friday, our lot has also changed! We are the proud owners of a new backyard! All very exciting, and now I can really start planning our extension, including a new kitchen, knowing that it is completely possible and not just a figment of my imagination.

We have already been to many, many kitchen showrooms (I want to say 'hundreds', because that's what it feels like, but really only about five). Freya has collected her own weight in Laminex samples, which come in so many pretty colours and hang at such an attractive height when you're 18 months old. For anyone else, they are all equally ugly and completely useless in any setting other than a kitchen showroom.

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